“Dr. Cruz is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I received nothing but great care and respect from him. The entire experience was smooth from the time it took to make the appointment to the time I walked in.

I felt that Dr. Cruz was interested in my physical and mental comfort and was able to address both with respect and dignity. It’s nice to walk, move, and live without pain! Thank you, Dr. Cruz, for your top of the line care. Will recommend this practice to all friends and family who seek service without hesitation.”

– J. Morey

“Amazing! Dr. Monica Lopez and Dr. Cruz explain everything to me with details. They both are bilingual and made the experience much better. The clinic team is really professional and welcoming. Also, everything was clean and organized. Thanks again for helping me with my hip problem. You guys are really amazing. Now I can be prepared for my 5k.”

– V. Rivera

“Absolutely love the quality of care I was given by Dr. Jean and Dr. Monica in this clinic. Very professional yet caring, the perfect combination if you ask me. They’re officially my go-to clinic. Thank you for helping me!”

– A. Herger

“I came here with a rotator cuff injury that was misdiagnosed at my last physical therapist as bicipital tendinitis, and the injury got exacerbated. I’m so glad I came here – not only they give me a huge temporary relief after the first appointment, but I finally started recovering.

It’s been two weeks now and the pain is almost completely gone. On top of that, they even went as far as to put some ribs back in place, which relieved a great deal of chest pain I was having. The receptionist, Monica, is very warm and kind as well and was able to work around my busy schedule.

Would HIGHLY recommend. And the great part – they don’t charge you an arm and a leg, even if you’re uninsured. I will be coming back here even after the injury heals for more chiropractic care.”

– J. Pare

“Dr. Jean Cruz & Dr. Monica are magnificent! Dr. Monica is incredible working with pregnant women, babies, children, and really, just everybody! MAMA, if you’re expecting, PLEASE GO SEE HER! Trust me, your spine, your body, your baby bump, and your pelvis will THANK YOU FOR GOING TO DR. MONICA!!!!

Dr. Jean Carlos has extensive hours of study specializing in functional medicine which is GREEEEEAT for people looking for other alternatives for the management of conditions besides traditional medicine along with chiropractic care.

They are amazing adjustors, gentle, specific, and fast! They’re both proficient in multiple techniques which allows them to work with anybody and know how to properly take care of their patients. If you’re around the area and are thinking about giving a visit to a chiropractor, these are your people!”

– F. Alejandra

“I had awful back pain and Dr. Monica Lopez and Dr. Jean Cruz worked on getting me scheduled the same day! After just one visit I felt so much better. They explained everything very detailed and answered any questions or concerns that I had. I had to go at least twice a week for the following days and now I’m just doing the follow-up, as needed. I will definitely continue attending their office and definitely recommend them.”

– I. Ortiz